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My First Bike Story

I woke up to a surprise at the end of my bed. A bike with no training wheels! I hoped out of bed, ran to my parents room and screamed "Thank you so much mommy and daddy!" They said "You better where a helmet or you won't live to be  a 6 year old." So I headed to the garage and put my helmet on. Then, I called my big brother and my parents  down to watch me ride. My parents gave me a gentle push and I started to ride. Once I got the hang of it, my parents went inside to make breakfast. I had this great idea to ride down the giant hill, so I started to walk up. Once I got to the top, I hopped on my bike and rode down the hill. I felt like I was going the speed of light! I didn't know how to use the brakes so I just kept on going. All of a sudden I hit a hard metal thing, I looked up and it was our neighborhood mailbox with a BIG dent in it.The I started feeling pain on my left leg. I looked down and it was bleeding! I screamed until my parents came out and helped me. That was my first bike story.