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Hello guy/gals,

  I think the outdoors is a great place for learning! Do you think that all kids should get outdoor education? I do! Many kids stay indoor 7/8 hours of the school day, and some even stay inside more than that! Outdoor education can be good for kids or parents so they learn about stuff that is poisoned. That will help them be safer in the "wild".  This all started in 1950 and to this day about half or Oregon's 11-12 olds take part.The importance of outdoor time is best for developing critical thinking and leadership skills. Have you noticed that kids spend there day watching a television and on electronics (electronic devices such as an iPad, iPhone, iPod, Phone, and Kindles.) than playing outdoors. Many kids don't go outside as often as they used to. I think kids should have a limited time on devices and go outside more often. Many kids don't know how bad a device screen hurts, there eyes and brain.cEven if you don't have a device you might still spend more time inside than outside. 
kids camping by AlbertHerring CC by 2.0